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19 April 2018

Our Dynamic Planet - Volcanos & Earthquakes

Prof Tony Hurford

Earth is a dynamic planet whose surface topography and landform result from the movement of the crustal tectonic plates driven by convection cells within the Earth's mantle and powered by heat from the core.  Plates are newly formed from molten magma at constructive margins, typically found in mid-ocean ridges such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Plates are destroyed when they are bent or subducted beneath another plate as on the west coast of South America.  The two most cataclysmic consequences of plate movement are volcanoes and earthquakes, often found in close association and located around the margins of tectonic plates.  We will examine different types of earthquake and volcanism, their causes and occurrence, and will consider the impact on human activity and weather systems.

17 May 2018

River Kwai Railway - The True Story

Paul Whittle

Built at huge human cost in WW2 by Allied POWs and forced Asian labour, the 250 mile ‘Death Railway’ was immortalised (albeit controversially) by the award winning film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ in 1957.  

The talk covers the story of the railway’s construction and examines the many differences between actual events and those portrayed in the famous film.


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Title of Talk


21 June 2018

My Time in The Metropolitan Police

Carl Storer

19 July 2018

Titanic - Engineering Triumph to Human Tragedy

Graham Anthony

16 August 2018

A History of Movable Bridges

Stewart Marchant

20 September 2018

Windsor Castle

Leslie Grout

18 October 2018

History of Policing in our Times

Tim Brain